Premiere: PANG! Opens Up Their World On Calming New Single, ‘Cigarette’ With Cameron Douglas

For an artist, building a brand is an essential part of the job, despite there being no music involved. It’s a business after all, right? One of the more curious ways to do this is by mysteriously hiding the musician’s identity, letting the music speak speak for itself. Think Daft Punk or early GoldLink.

One group that’s taking this concept to the next level is PANG!, a Stockholm production duo who claims to “create music that makes you feel good” and have created a whole universe to accompany their sound. “It’s a cartooned world where we try to create a world that reflects our music and sound. We want the focus to be on PANG! and not about the two guys behind it,” they told UPROXX from behind the curtain.

That’s an admirable stance, considering many artists thrive on everything but their music in 2016. However, after posting their adventurous “Silverscreen” single on BEWARE’s Block a month or so ago, we can fully attest to the fact their otherworldly vibes aren’t only are inviting, they’re good enough to sell the group alone.

The latest taste of PANG!’s mysterious magnetism is “Cigarette,” a driving tune that combines their refreshing palette of organic instrumentation with vocals from rising London singer Cameron Douglas.

“We found a YouTube video of a singer named Cameron Douglas preforming his track ‘That Cigarette’ and instantly felt that both his voice and his track would be a perfect match to combine with our sound,” the Swedish duo said. “We got in contact and started reworking to put our PANG! touch to it and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the result.”

Rightfully so, because the track does an excellent job of blending various moods in one concise four minute setting – which isn’t easy. The vibe is welcoming, despite the concept centering around sudden heartbreak, and still somehow manages to feel good at a glance. “It’s electronic music made for everyone,” PANG! told us. “‘Cigarette’ is a track that captures our sound in its purest form.”

Dive into the world of PANG! below. If you don’t come back, we won’t blame you.