Premiere: Watch Queercore Legends Pansy Division Confront Homophobia In ‘Blame The Bible’

The pioneering queer rock band Pansy Division first begin confronting the heteronormative patriarchy back in 1991 — that’s twenty-five years fighting an uphill battle. Jon Ginoli and bassist/singer Chris Freeman joined forces in San Francisco with the sole intent of forming a rock group that openly expressed queerness, simultaneously challenging the masculine vibes in the rock world and the stereotype that rock wouldn’t interest a gay audience.

After Green Day took the band on tour in 1994, they had the chance to bring their message to mainstream teenagers in a way they never thought would be possible, and continued to record and release music consistently over the next two decades.

They were queer rock icons before that position existed, steadily cutting a path through the rock and wall world for other, younger acts to follow. “We tried to turn our alienation into something positive,” said Ginoli. “Instead of being depressed about it, we tried to make music that would make us — and our audience — happy. We could laugh about it, so we put that joy into the music.”

This fall Pansy Division released their ninth album, Quite Contrary, and given the battle for queer rights across the country their message feels more necessary than ever before. Today we’re premiering the video for one the album’s lead off tracks, “Blame The Bible,” a song that directly confronts Christian homophobia and hypocrisy.

Here’s a quote from the band about the clip:

“While this video contains images that are disturbing, WE are disturbed by the current state of our country and, indeed, the world. Just look at how our gay brothers and sisters are being treated elsewhere: thrown off of buildings, stoned to death, burned alive, etc. And why? It is Pansy Division’s considered opinion that removing ALL religions from society would improve the world immensely. But let’s start with the religion that’s infiltrated our very own backyard: Let’s blame the Bible.”

The video splices together footage of protestors who are opposed to gay rights holding up hateful, demeaning signs with televangelism and clips of sheep, and highlights some of the most egregiously anti-LGBTQ politicians to run for president this year. While that’s a little heavy, the power-pop chords and marching choruses belie the intensity of the song’s message. That’s the beautiful thing about music, right? It can take something this difficult to confront and pull it into a catchy-as-hell rock song that may actually have the chance to change a mind or save a life. Watch the clip above.

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