Sir Patrick Stewart Is Now Croonin’ ‘Cowboy Pat’

Patrick Stewart is super British. Just listen to that bellowing voice of his. He’s a knight for God’s sake! You close your eyes and you can imagine him doing Shakespeare, even if the primary image of him is sitting aboard the Starship Enterprise. As such, it may be kind of surprising to see him dressed up as a cowboy singing country songs. However, that is in fact, now a thing.

It all began on June 30 with a cryptic tweet from Stewart featuring a photo of him dressed up in cowboy regalia, holding a guitar, with a backup band behind him. It included a link to a YouTube video for an infomercial selling Patrick Stewart’s Cowboy Classics. Then, on the Fourth of July, Stewart tweeted out the link again, this time with another photo of him dressed up as a cowboy with the following message: “Happy 4th ‘merica, yer a mighty fine country. Luv, Cowboy Pat.”

As for the video, it’s a wonderfully bizarre and funny take on classic music infomercials, all centered around Stewart singing country-fried songs in his stentorian British voice. Also, “Here Comes Santa Claus.”

There is a website where you can actually buy a “sampler” CD of Stewart’s cowboy songs. While they are currently sold out, more are apparently on order. Here’s the most important part: All proceeds from the album sales go to International Rescue Committee. So yes, this is all a big goof by the impish Stewart, but it’s also for a good cause.  That’s Cowboy Pat for ya.

(Via Mashable)