Pearl Jam And Foo Fighters Both Rocked Late Night TV Last Night

So it’s possible that you’ve heard something about this little Pearl Jam documentary coming out later this year, right? It’s kind of a big deal, FYI. I’m going to go see it. You will probably go see it. And hell your dad may very well go see it too!

So of course the band has been everywhere of late — it’s like the mid-1990s all over again. And last night they stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to debut a new song, “Olé,” which you can download free here.

If that weren’t enough rock birthed by Seattle’s rock Gods for you, the Foo Fighters were on Conan last night where they performed the hell out of “Walk.” Additionally, Dave Grohl told Conan that the band is also working on a rock documentary — a rock documentary about a band with “the stupidest f*cking band name ever.” Hmmmm…I wonder who that could be?

Anyway, Dave Grohl and Eddie Vedder were both on your late night TV last night. How that happened without the earth being swallowed by the sun is beyond me. Video of both performances is after the jump.

Here’s Pearl Jam on Fallon…

And here’s Foo Fighters on Conan…

And as an added bonus, here are Eddie Vedder and Jimmy Fallon performing a song titled, “Balls In Your Mouth.”