Pearl Jam Takes A Stand Against Lawmakers Who Refuse To Pass Gun Control Legislation: ‘Throw Them Out’

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The aftermath of the tragic shooting in Florida that left 17 dead has seen a strong push for gun control legislation, possibly the strongest since Sandy Hook. The spirited response from the students in Parkland, Florida was an inspiring sight on Saturday and joins many other statements from different corners of the country. One that dropped late on Friday was a push by the band Pearl Jam to “throw them out” and get rid of lawmakers who “refuse to lead” on gun control.

The band also tweeted out a link to Everytown with a call to end gun violence against children in their communities following the #ThrowThemOut tweet. The push outlines five steps to force a change in Congress and at a state level. This includes following money given to lawmakers from the National Rifle Association and actually taking steps to run for office in your community.

Another tweet calling for strong gun control laws and mental health reform followed late on Saturday night.

They also retweeted several accounts that show support for the National School Walkout scheduled for March 14th. All of it accounts for a momentum that feels different than the reactions we’ve seen from past mass shooting incidents. While those in Washington seem ready to stand by their traditional quotes and thoughts, the public has lost patience.

(Via Billboard)