The Game Has The Actual Footage Of Beanie Sigel Getting Knocked Out In His ‘Pest Control’ Video

The Game vs Meek Mill beef has taken an even uglier turn with the release of Game’s “Pest Control” video. Aside from the Compton rapper hitting up these New York, Baltimore and Philly streets in his video, Game also added in the actual footage of Beanie Sigel getting knocked out with a haymaker to the head.

“Beanie Sigel admitted to ghostwriting for the dickchasers so y’all snuffed the old head,” the font reads on the brutal video clip which also oddly features sound effects of the punch connecting. Apparently, Beanie Sigel was KO’d by Meek Mill affiliate Teefy Bey because he broke the code of the streets.

“How we pray and bump and n*ggas got respect for him and how we let [Beanie Sigel] come to the studio to jump on [“OOOUUU” diss] and all that,” the Do4Self CEO wonders in an absurdly long video about the assault. “And then he backdoored n*ggas with Game and them, telling n*ggas information that only the camp know.”

Teefy Bey says the information has nothing to do with ghostwriting because Beans never wrote anything for Omelly or Meek Mill despite what Beanie said on radio recently. “[Beans] was trying to help Omelly out not with no f*cking lyric writing – putting emphasis on saying your verse, like, ‘Say this stronger.’ Sh*t like that. He never wrote nothing for nobody.”

The Meek Mill affiliate goes on to say he’s too much of a “real” dude to have let Beanie get away with the disrespect, adding, “You can’t put me on front street when I’m a real n*gga. You ain’t gon play me, play my family out, play my n*ggas out for a nut ass n*gga named Game. That’s just the bottom line. [Beans] broke the code of ethics of the streets with that move.”

So that’s where we are with this whole The Game vs Meek Mill saga. Tune in next week when the Game turns babyface and serves cheesesteaks at a Philly homeless shelter. You don’t want to miss it!