Pitchfork's Big Freedia Documentary Is FABULOUS

I’ve been a diligent chronicler of Big Freedia and the booty-shaking bounce genre of rap she’s been at the forefront of for some time around here. Quite simply, I’m kind of fascinated with her. Whenever friends visit New Orleans, I make a point to encourage friends to go see her perform if she is, in fact, performing while they’re in town. So of course I couldn’t help watching Pitchfork’s short documentary on Big Freedia they posted online today.

Pitchfork.tv today presents a new documentary about New Orleans bounce queen Big Freedia. In “The Queen Diva”, Freedia discusses the history of New Orleans bounce, hangs out with friends and family, performs, and tells her story.

I watched this earlier while catching up on my news feeds after the Adam Reed chat. It’s quite interesting and very colorful. Enjoy!