Another Arrest Has Been Made In PnB Rock’s Murder As Police Continue The Search For Freddie Trone

Another arrest has been made In PnB Rock’s murder as police continue the search for Freddie Lee Trone, according to HipHopDX via LAPD Online. Trone’s 32-year-old wife Shauntel Trone was arrested in Gardena on Tuesday (September 27) on suspicion of accessory to murder. Police also arrested a 17-year-old, Freddie’s son and Shauntel’s stepson, and charged him with actually firing the shots that killed the Philadelphia rapper. Police are still searching for Freddie, believed to be the getaway driver, and have warned Angelenos that he is “armed and dangerous.”

According to police, it is believed that Freddie and his son were already parked at the Roscoe’s House Of Chicken ‘N Waffles where they accosted Rock and demanded that he hand over his jewelry as he ate lunch with his girlfriend. This contradicted prior theories that the alleged killers had tracked the rapper through his social media posts. While police entertained the possibility that he’d been targeted by enemies from Philadelphia or even Atlanta, the truth turned out to be more mundane.

PnB Rock previously talked about being confronted by some local tough guys in LA, telling DJ Akademiks that robberies of rappers were becoming more common — a theory that LA OG Ice-T corroborated on Twitter a few days after Rock’s death.