A Los Angeles Police Chief Confirms That PnB Rock’s Instagram Post Tipped Off His Location To His Killer

The music community suffered another tragic loss on Monday when Rakim Allen, better known as PnB Rock, was pronounced dead. The rapper was reportedly shot multiple times at a Roscoe’s Chicken And Waffles in Los Angeles by a suspect looking to rob him of his jewelry. Some on social media were quick to assume that his girlfriend was at fault for posting their location and meal on her Instagram story. A Los Angeles police chief and the Roscoe’s property manager have revealed that is not the case.

In a Fox 11 broadcast from Wednesday, news anchor Hailey Winslow said that she spoke with Chief Michael Moore, who stated that PnB Rock posted himself at the Roscoe’s location on Instagram first. “He was targeted because of an Instagram post, there were actually a couple: one from the rapper himself in the back parking lot when they first got here giving somebody enough time to get here and kill him.”

Winslow also made mention of PnB Rock’s girlfriend’s Instagram post, to which one of the hosts asked “So Hailey, just to clarify, Chief Moore says somebody saw that Instagram post saying that he was at Roscoe’s and then that suspect came to the restaurant because of that looking for the jewelry specifically? Is that what they believe right now?”

Winslow replied, “Yes, he does believe that he was targeted because of the Instagram post. Now, I talked for an extensive amount of time to the property manager here who is actually the one who gave him the chest compressions, the CPR trying to save his life, and he confirmed with me that the rapper posted on Instagram in the back parking lot in a Cadillac with his girlfriend telling people that they were here. He was in the restaurant for about forty-five minutes and then the girlfriend posted an Instagram story about her food when they were sitting at the table.”

Winslow closed her segment with the property manager’s urgent reminder for people to be careful posting where they are.

You can watch the Fox 11 broadcast detailing Hailey Winslow’s conversation with Los Angeles police chief Michael Moore above.