Post Malone Shares His Ideas For Making Costco Even Better With Jimmy Kimmel

Post Malone is at the level of music stardom where he can pop up on a talk show without being a musical guest because, in addition to his household name status, he’s a fun guy with a big personality. He did so last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and had a good chat with the host, during which they both expressed their love for Costco.

Malone described the moment it clicked for him re: Costco, saying, “I never knew the beauty of Costco, and one day I woke up and I had an epiphany, and I was just like, ‘Let’s go to Costco.’ So we get up, get out of bed, go straight to Costco. I got my membership card, it’s the worst picture on the back I’ve ever seen. But it’s a beautiful place.”

Kimmel revealed he has been a member since 1994, the year before Post Malone was born. He then asked Malone about his thoughts on waiting in line for samples, and he said he’s not patient enough for it. Malone then came up with an idea to improve that system, saying, “I think we should just get rid of the samples completely, or let you just sample stuff off of the shelf, pick something out and just go for it.”

Watch the full interview above.