After Their Nirvana Livestream, Post Malone And Travis Barker Are Making Music Together

Post Malone’s Nirvana tribute livestream performance from last month was a huge success, as it raised a bunch of money for charity (over $5.3 million now). The show also yielded a new creative partner for Malone: He was joined by Travis Barker, and now the two are working on new music.

In a recent Spin interview, Barker was asked if he has anything else lined up with Malone, and he said that he was actually in his bus, on his way to go see Malone:

“I’m going up to Salt Lake to just write for a week with him. Just jam and have fun. I went up there the day before [the livestream] and we went through the set one time. Then the next day we went through the set one time and we just played it. You can’t over-rehearse Nirvana songs or it loses its vibe. So the whole vibe over there has been very relaxed and just whatever happens happens.”

Barker also spoke about how he came to be involved in the Nirvana tribute:

“I was sitting at home and I was working with this artist named Poorstacy. I got a phone call from Brian Lee. He writes with Post a lot and is a really good friend of his and he said, ‘I have this song idea I want to present to Post, I’d really like you to record drums on it.’ So I sent drums back 45 minutes later. He’s like, ‘This is awesome. Would you be down to do this Nirvana thing with us? We were talking about maybe doing 20 Nirvana covers and it’ll be a charity for coronavirus and help first responders.’

And I honestly thought he was joking ’cause the idea of driving to Salt Lake City… ‘Really, are we gonna learn 20 Nirvana covers and really are we gonna figure out a way to live stream it?’ So I was like, ‘I’d love to, I love Post and I love you, so just tell me if it’s actually serious.’ We kept talking about it and they said they were serious and I should come out there in three days. So I was like, ‘Whoa, this is really happening.’ So I just spent the next three days learning 20 Nirvana songs, which was fun because Nirvana is one of the greatest bands of all time. And then just driving out there and doing that quarantine was so cool when people are sitting around and really need live music. And what better band to pay tribute to than Nirvana?”

Additionally, he revealed that a Blink-182 song called “Quarantine” will “will be out in the next two weeks” and he’s “really excited about it.”

Read the full interview here.