Prayers’ Fierce ‘Beyond & Back’ Documentary Tells The Story Of Their Fateful Collab With Christian Death

Last week we spoke with Leafar Seyer (aka Rafael Reyes) about the collaborative EP that he and fellow Prayers member Dave Parley have been working on with the original remaining members of ’80s deathrock Christian Death. Out today, the Cursed Be Thy Blessings EP is not the only thing this intensive collaboration brought about.

Along with a forthcoming photo book to accompany the limited two-song music release, the two groups have also launched a documentary, Beyond & Back, that tells the whole story behind their new music and the interconnected history between the two bands.

As the frontman of Prayers, Seyer has been continually inspired by Rozz Williams of Christian Death, after discovering the band at a fairly young age. Their music has always been a huge influence, and he even goes so far as to cite Christian Death as his favorite band. So when the chance for the bands to work together came around, and everything fell into place seamlessly, it seemed like the partnership was fated.

The documentary, which tells this story, was shot by hip-hop director Ramez Silyan, who has worked with the likes of Atlanta rapper Father and Lil Peep, and esteemed urban and lowrider culture photographer Estevan Oriol. Oriol is also the photographer who shot the photobook, shadowing the bands and that follows the writing and recording process, and it includes his photos along with some personal photos and poems from Seyer. Both the book and a limited hand-cut physical 7-inch of the EP will be up for sale and preorder shortly.

Additionally, the doc was produced by the LA-based creative agency Quiver, and the music services and production company Beta Petrol, and was written and directed by Kenny Ochoa and Bryan Ray Turcotte. Watch it above and get the Cursed Be Thy Blessings EP, out now via BMG, here, and look for the limited edition 7-inch and book coming very soon.

For a more extensive update on what Prayers have been up to, read last week’s interview here. Get Prayers merch here, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.