Prince’s Blood Approved For DNA Testing For When Heirs Come Calling


When it comes to the late artist Prince’s musical catalog and assets there seems to be a divide among the world as to how it should be handled. That divide trickles down to those related to Prince Rogers Nelson, who left no will and had no direct heirs. I mean, the guy had an entire vault full of unreleased music that some fans seem to want out, while others see it as his personal decision not to release it, so leave it be.

So while the world is still clawing at his bones and trying to determine if he was addicted to painkillers or not, the matter of his estate is the biggest issue surrounding his death (outside of, you know, the awful sorrow of losing someone so talented). People reports that a judge in Minnesota has approved having Prince’s blood tested for DNA to confirm any potential heirs. He only had one known son, Boy Gregory, who was born in October of 1996 and passed away a week later.

The judge ordered that any potential heirs have four months to come forward to claim their stake at the performer’s $300 million estate. Here’s to hoping that whomever is able to lay claim to Prince’s estate handles it with care and consideration.

(via People)