Some Of Prince’s Most Beloved Videos Are Back Online, Despite The Known Wishes Of The Artist Himself

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The death of Prince in 2016 was one of the hardest to come to grips with throughout the year, with many questioning how it happened and what it meant for the future of Prince’s music. He was quite protective of his work while living, usually going to great lengths to keep unauthorized video clips off the internet. He famously said “the internet’s completely over” during an interview with The Daily Mirror in 2010, adding that he didn’t see giving his music over to iTunes or other services because they wouldn’t pay in advance for it.

Now it would seem that things have changed since Prince isn’t around to give his opinion over the direction of his music online. An official video channel has sprouted up on Youtube and Vevo featuring five different Prince songs at the moment, with more to come according to NPR:

A representative for Warner Bros. records confirmed to NPR in an email that more Prince videos are on their way. But for now, fans have this handful of clips of some of his best-known work, a selection that represents The Revolution and their leader in their prime.

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