Prophets Of Rage Kick Off Their Battle Of Cleveland In The Shadow Of The RNC

Cleveland is the place to be this week. If you hadn’t heard, the spectacle that is the 2016 Republican National Convention starring the presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump has rolled into town, bringing with it armed militias, comedians, D-list celebrities, a norovirus and a delightful case of plagiarism among other things. You can also add the Prophets of Rage to the mix.

Hey, they said they’d be there.

The band, who don’t want to be called a supergroup even though they kind of are one, have put together a series of events around Cleveland throughout the week, with the first one having went down on Monday. The nearly 40 minute set coincided with the End Poverty Now: March for Economic Justice rally, taking place on 47th Street in Cleveland.

“Thank you for coming out today with your joy and your militancy,” Tom Morello said from the stage. “We’re gonna play one more jam, then we’re gonna go over there [to the RNC] and you’re gonna go over there and we’re gonna let those motherf*ckers at the RNC know that we’ve had enough of their bullsh*t.”

Later on Monday, the band played a stripped down set in the Cleveland Public Square.

Prophets of Rage released their first single, “Prophets of Rage,” on Monday. The band’s #NoSleeptTilCleveland mission continues on Tuesday, with another show in Cleveland Public Square. Keep up on Twitter, if you want to follow the band’s movements in Believeland.

(Via NME)