Pusha T Says He’s Working On New Music With Madlib

After working with some of the biggest-name producers in the rap game on timeless, fan-favorite music — names like Kanye West and Pharrell Williams, for example — Pusha T is expanding his musical palette with some upcoming music produced by Madlib. In an interview with Complex about his recently-launched Heir Wave Music Group imprint, Pusha confirmed that he and Madlib have been cooking up together.

While explaining why he deleted all of his Instagram posts — it wasn’t a new project tease — interviewer Jessica McKinney brought another recent interview the outlet did with Madlib. In that interview, Madlib mentioned he was working on new music with Pusha and McKinney asks if there’s any truth to that. Pusha’s response: “There’s a lot of truth to that.” Unfortunately, he refused to expand on that idea; when asked whether he could provide updates, he simply snickered, “That there’s a lot of truth to that. Of course there is.”

Of course, even that tidbit is likely enough to excite Pusha fans to the point of near-frenzy. After all, Madlib’s prior joint project with a coke-obsessed wordplay wizard resulted in Bandana, the fan-favorite joint album between Freddie Gibbs and Madlib that incidentally contained one of Pusha’s finest recent verses on “Palmolive,” which also featured Killer Mike. The prospect of a full Pusha project produced by Madlib — or even a track or two, really — is enough to get any fan of drug kingpin rap salivating.

So, how long will it be before we get a glimpse of this warlock? Both artists are cagey, but if both of them were willing to even tease its existence, it’ll be likely sooner than later. In the meantime, Pusha is (ahem) pushing his Heir Wave artist, Kahri1k, and Kahri’s debut project, The Ghost Of Pecan Acres. Check out the full interview with Complex promoting the new endeavor here.