Watch PWR BTTM’s Liv Bruce Cavort With A Sex Doll In The Queer-As-F*ck ‘I Want A Boi’ Video

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Though PWR BTTM’s debut album Ugly Cherries came out in 2015, its impact is still being felt deep into 2016. I guess that’s what happens when two of the most talented punk-power-pop musicians in Brooklyn decide to make an album that squarely negotiates their queerness and gender fluidity in the catchiest and most vulnerable terms possible.

Anyway, today Liv Bruce and Ben Hopkins shared the gorgeous video for one of my favorite tracks on Ugly Cherries, the lonely and longing “I Wanna Boi.” Speaking to Nylon, who premiered the video, Bruce explained the place they were in when they wrote the song:

‘I Wanna Boi’ is rooted in loneliness. I wrote it at a point in my life where I was so convinced I would never be in love with someone that the idea of looking for someone was almost funny. The song is a half-serious, half-joking personal ad.

In the clip, which they co-directed with Anneliese Cooper, Bruce lounges around an abandoned mansion listing all the qualities they’d like a potential match to possess. Later, they cavort with a blow-up doll, as if to illustrate how impossible these minimal standards are to find. But the whole thing is done in the sort of dead-earnest faux-flippant style that made the entire record — and their whole aesthetic — so widely adored. (And as far as I know, the number in the song still works?) Watch it above.

Oh, and part of the push for new material surrounding last year’s album is because it’s being re-released in Europe by Big Scary Monsters. Get it here if that’s where you live.

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