Quality Control’s CEO Pee Thomas Offers A Lengthy Response To Migos’ Malpractice Lawsuit

News broke Wednesday morning that Atlanta trio Migos filed a lawsuit against their attorney after the group was cheated out of “millions of dollars.” The lawsuit cites a conflict of interest between Migos and their attorney Damien Granderson, who also represents Migos’ label, Quality Control Music. According to a report from Variety, the group says the attorney “abused his position of trust as Migos’ fiduciary from the moment he was retained as Migos’ lawyer.”Quality Control’s CEO Pierre “Pee” Thomas responded to the lawsuit, which accuses him of professional malpractice and unjust enrichment, by sending out a lengthy Instagram post.


The post features a screenshot of a headline that reads, “The hip hop trip was ‘cheated out of millions of dollars’ through excessive commission and bad deals.” Pee Thomas offered his response by criticizing the group for the lawsuit and its timing, as it arrives just days after the tragic death of rapper Marlo, who was signed to the label.

It is unfortunate that the same people that we have worked hard for, provided opportunities for, and championed for are now alleging that we have participated in any kind of immoral or unfair business practices or took advantage of them and their careers, especially while we are dealing with the death of an artist on our label that was dear to us.

Elsewhere in his statement, Thomas emphasized his stance alongside the Quality Control Music label, refusing to allow the accusations to be “tarnished by allegations of unfair and unjust business practices.”

It is hard enough to be fighting and battling with corporations and the powers that be, I am not doing it with those who I consider family. I love my artists and I love my team. Everyone has their own lawyers. I understand in this business that you are not always going to end with the people you started with. I say that to say, I am not forcing anybody to be in business with us that has a problem and cannot communicate and does not want to work as a unit. Everything is negotiable. I wish my whole team more money, more blessings, and continued success.

As for the lawsuit, Migos have yet to reveal the exact dollar amount they seek to recompense their lost income.

Check out the Instagram post above to read Pee Thomas’ full response.