Quavo Denies Losing A Hard Drive Containing ‘Culture 2’ And Says New Music With Travis Scott Is Coming

Quavo has put to rest one of the more perplexing stories surrounding he, Takeoff and Offset’s upcoming Culture sequel. During a recent sitdown with Montreality, the trio put to bed the “accusation” that Quavo had lost the hard drive that contained their much anticipated new album.

“I ain’t ever lose no drives,” he said. “When I was on Instagram Live, my guy had the drive and I was just looking for it at the time. I ain’t never lose no drive. I’ll never lose no drive.”

Though it is reportedly due out next month, all three members of the Migos are hailing the album as a “masterpiece” and Takeoff only fueled those beliefs by calling it “well-cooked, well thought-out, well-processed.”

Quavo added, “We in a time right now where we’re setting the trend. We started this whole little wave. We started the whole genre, we started the whole flow, we started the whole melody. Ain’t nobody right now, at a point in their career, can’t say that they ain’t took our flow. We ain’t trippin’. We never did trip. We never did call nobody out. We’re just having fun. We’re creating a whole new sound. Hip-hop has changed in a big way so you could mark this down as we changing.”

The in-demand rapper also gave fans an update on one of rap’s more curious joint projects, the one with him and Travis Scott. They joined forces for Drake’s More Life cut “Portland” as well as on “Pick Up The Phone” from Scott’s Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight, and Quavo says the only thing holding their collab up is timing.

“It’s gonna drop real, real soon,” he said. “Soon as I get some time. We’ve been making a whole bunch of records. We’ve got a lot of records together right now. We probably got like 20 records. But we just need some time to sort them out.”

The buzz for Culture 2 has been building for months. Their January album not only netted the Atlanta trio their first number one album, it also became one of the first rap albums of 2017 to earn a platinum plaque. They can get Diddy to jump in videos and Russell Westbrook to make cameos at concerts. Now with a reported Cardi B collaboration on the way, there’s no better time than now for Migos to add on to their impressive 2017.