Premiere: Philadelphia’s Queen of Jeans Get Ghosted On A Dating App In The Charming ‘More To Love’ Video

Queen Of Jeans’ debut album Dig Yourself is only a little over a month away, and now the Philadelphia band has shared the all-too-real video for album opener “More To Love.” Directed by Bob Sweeney, the video shows the band (yes, the entire band) matching on a dating app with someone that doesn’t feel as strongly about a potential relationship after meeting the quartet at a small, empty bar. The clip then shows the band lying around waiting for their match to text them back, sending invites to nonexistent events and trying to find anything that might be a spark of conversation.

The track “More To Love” is a modern take on the doo-wop sounds of the mid-twentieth century, with gorgeous ethereal harmonic vocal melodies drifting atop clean guitars and a simple drum beat. Although clearly taking inspiration from the rock and roll sounds of yesteryear, Queen Of Jeans have made the style completely their own, crafting sound that is both welcoming and challenging. Both musically and thematically, “More To Love” sets the stage well for what one can expect from the remainder of Dig Yourself, a record with a fitting title that calls for self-love and examinations of unconditional love. Check out the video above.

Dig Yourself is out 3/30 on Topshelf Records, and is available to pre-order here. Queen Of Jeans will also be playing a hometown album release show on 3/31 alongside Katie Ellen and Harmony Woods.