Questlove Continues To Conquer All Mediums By Winning A Major Award For His ‘Questlove Supreme’ Podcast

Questlove is always hyping up others, whether that be Lil Yachty for his idiosyncratic new album Let’s Start Here or Meg White from The White Stripes after she received criticism on social media. He’s gotten recognition of his own, too: The Roots have won three Grammys and Questlove picked up a Best Documentary Oscar in 2022. Now, his trophy case continues to grow.

At the 2023 iHeartPodcast Awards on Tuesday (March 14), his podcast Questlove Supreme won Best Music Podcast. It began in in 2016 on Pandora before moving onto iHeart in 2019. Other nominees for that category included Broken Record, Drink Champs, Listening, and Song Exploder.

Questlove is the perfect person to host a podcast, considering he’s always around to answer questions and give explanations to current events. Last month, he was on Twitter discussing rap representation at the Grammys.

One user asked, “Why was there no representation of talent from the 2010’s,” and Questlove replied, “because they said ‘no’, or they walked out.” Another said, “I’m sure there were all types of circumstances, but Ice-T as the Only LA representative, in Staples Center, in Los Angeles… is WILD!! Great performance otherwise.” Questlove answered, “welp: I asked like 10 legends so….sometimes you gotta go with the one who wants you. again might not be your preference but most of hip hop has side gigs. Acting was the main issue. lotta movies being shot.”