Questlove Unexpectedly Filled In For John Mayer’s Drummer, Steve Ferrone, At A Recent Show

John Mayer is currently touring behind his surprisingly great new album, Sob Rock (a sh*t-post, if you will), and since it’s a No. 2 album, the sh*t is obviously resonating. But fans at last night’s show at Madison Square Garden got an unexpected treat. At the last minute, Mayer’s touring drummer, Steve Ferrone was out with Covid and couldn’t play the show — so Mayer hit up his friend Questlove, who was supposed to attend the show, to see if he could fill in.

Here’s what Quest had to say about the experience:

Welp. I thought I was hangin with the crew tonight. the plan was seeing a kick ass band at @thegarden —-I came home from LA early to do @fallontonight then me & my guys @bsherman2222 @sugasteve (from @qls) & @rayangry headed to see @johnmayer & @greg_phillinganes_live & @pino_palladino_official_ & @drh3 & @sharkey335 @steve_ferrone & the rest of “the avengers of music”——-I got out my show clothes all exited & then I checked my phone: “Ferrone got covid, can you sit in?”

Truth be told I coulda played the whole show. I texted Jimmy earlier I felt like Don Henley in 1988 when last min he played drums for @gunsnroses at the @amas (weirdest version of #Patience ever) I was anxious, amped, timorous, excited, scared & hyped!!

Gotta say once onstage it was gravy. I haven’t played with this combo since the @rootspicnic in nyc 2013 w D’angelo & we haven’t lost a step. It was hella fun tonight!

This also marks the THIRD time a circumstance kept me from seeing my idol drum (Ferrone is literally WHY I drum—-first time Petty’s unfortunate passing prevented me from seeing him drum & then I went to the 8th floor at 30rock to watch him sit in on @latenightseth & of course 3/16/22 the world shut down so that was strike two——and now this lol—-ONE OF THESE NIGHTS imma see my hero play drums.

Thanks Y’all.

Mayer also had to chime in on the situation, explaining his side of things and appreciation for Quest. Mayer said that the night will “bond us forever.”

Tonight’s show was special in ways that I’m still processing. We send our love to @steve_ferrone and @made4good in hopes they traipse through Covid and return to the stage quickly.

My boundless appreciation goes out to the legendary @questlove, who stepped in on an hour’s notice to help end the show on such a powerful and definitive note.

The brilliant musicians in this band stepped up in ways that I will never forget, and will bond us forever.

Most importantly, I thank everyone in attendance whose enthusiasm and energy in the face of some disappointing news lifted us all to something far greater than I could have ever expected. It’s the honor of my life to share these nights of music with you. The next couple of tour stops will feature this format (minus the very otherwise-engaged @questlove) and I will devote every moment to making sure we bring you the best show we can. Thank you, NYC. ♥️

Not going to lie, a little jealous I didn’t get to witness this firsthand. Is there a supergroup project in the future?