Questlove Slams The ‘I Love Real Music’ Folks Upset Over Sexyy Red’s Upcoming Appearance At The 2024 Roots Picnic

With music festival season approaching, organizers have realized you can’t please the public. Following the reveal of the 2024 Roots Picnic, Questlove quickly learned this lesson. Over the years, as the event has expanded to be more inclusive of fans’ tastes, the outdoor event not only added a second day but mixed up its featured act.

After welcoming each billed musician via an individual shout-out on his Instagram page, followers blasted Questlove for booking Sexyy Red to the fest that has its roots in R&B, neo-soul, and vintage hip-hop.

Yesterday (February 19), Questlove had enough of the negative remarks and responded to silence the critics replying to a comment left under his initial post.

“There is always that one [act] on the show everyone hates because it serves as a reminder the hip hop they like is from 30 years ago,” he wrote. “I mean, I get it, but look: we gotta round and balance the day out. There are other stages, podcasts, and events to see.”

Questlove didn’t stop there. He went on to slam users for pouring their hate into Sexyy Red’s announcement instead of appreciating the other acts set to perform.

“I’m still shocked yall got energy for ‘oh hell no isms,'” he wrote. “Like it’s 16 years folks, when have you seen a festival in which every act is the act you love? I mean, the way I see it: cats in here bringing a certain energy: meanwhile, there is a whole entire Jill [Scott] post, Amerie post, Black Thought post, and a Meth[od Man] and Red[man] post. I see/hear nary a ‘I love real music’ person supporting that page. It’s almost worth it just for this engagement & trolling was the last thing on my mind lol. Roots Picnic is well-rounded, and that’s why it works.”

Questlove Sexyy Red 2024 Roots Picnic reponse

This isn’t the first time the Roots Picnic’s lineup has caused a stir online. In 2023, organizers were questioned after GloRilla and Saucy Santana were announced to perform. Festival regulars, City Girls, have been met with negative backlash for years. However, given Roots Picnic’s rise in popularity over the years, it is safe to say organizers are doing something right.

The general on-sale for the 2024 Roots Picnic begins on February 23 at 10 a.m. ET. Find more information here.