R Kelly Was Arrested Again, This Time For Nearly $200K Of Alleged Unpaid Child Support

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R. Kelly, who just went on CBS to defend himself after having a rough month in the wake of the Surviving R. Kelly Lifetime series, found himself back in jail for the second time in as many weeks, this time for an alleged child support bill around $200,000. The Associated Press reported that the singer was taken into custody at a hearing over unpaid child support, which Chicago Tribune reports he was warned to pay the last time he was arrested.

R. Kelly was previously arrested on 10 charges of aggravated criminal sexual abuse after Cook County prosecutors accused him of sexually abusing multiple teenaged girls over a 12-year span. His bail in that arrest was set at $1 million dollars with a bond of $100,000 which was paid by a woman calling herself R. Kelly’s close friend. Before he was released, Kelly was told by the judge in the case to pay up on over $161,000 in back-owed child support or face arrest.

Given that his lawyer told journalists that the singer couldn’t make the $100,000 bail payment, it seemed unlikely he’d be able to scrape up $60,000 more than that to avoid this second arrest. Given that the woman who bailed him out before later became the recipient of an alleged bomb threat, it’s starting to seem likelier that this jail visit stands to last a lot longer.