The Woman Who Bailed Out R. Kelly Is Receiving Bomb Threats At The Daycare She Owns

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TMZ reports the woman who paid R. Kelly’s bail received bomb threats at a daycare she supposedly owns on Saturday, March 2. According to CBS’ Chicago affiliate reporter Brad Edwards, “multiple people called in a bomb threat to a daycare near W. 79th & Kedzie. The business is connected to the woman who posted R. Kelly’s $100k bond.”

The Chicago PD is investigating, but currently do not have any suspects in custody. A bomb squad cleared the area after the calls and there are no reports that an actual explosive device was recovered. The woman who paid Kelly’s bail is Valencia P. Love; she characterizes herself as a “friend” of R. Kelly. She is listed as a “registered agent” of the daycare center, but reportedly no longer works there.

Love reportedly came to R. Kelly’s rescue when it was reported that he did not have cash on hand to pay the $100,000 bond required to get him out of jail after he was arrested on suspicion of multiple acts of sexual abuse, including committing sex acts with a minor. New investigations were opened against the singer after Lifetime aired its Surviving R. Kelly documentary, with new tapes allegedly depicting him having sex with underaged girls surfacing within weeks.

While it may be confusing why anyone, let alone a woman, would want to bail out R. Kelly with such a list of accusations against him, Love maintains that she believes he is innocent. In any case, threatening a child care out of anger for her bailing out her friend is just about the worst response anyone could have.