R. Kelly Was Reportedly Attacked In Prison By A Fellow Chicago Inmate

Following many months of his high-profile legal proceedings, R. Kelly is currently being held in Chicago’s Metropolitan Correctional Center. While Kelly is still facing court hearings, the singer has allegedly been the subject of jailhouse justice. Reports have surfaced that indicate Kelly was attacked by a fellow inmate in his jail cell.

According to a report from TMZ, the rapper was the victim of a sucker-punch. The report states the singer was sitting in his cell bed when an inmate walked in and “started punching the crap” out of him. The report states the inmate’s anger was directed at Kelly because the prison had been placed on “lock down” multiple times due to demonstrators protesting the singer outside the jailhouse. TMZ claims the fight didn’t last long but it’s unclear if it was broken up by guards or other inmates. Kelly was reportedly examined by a doctor following the tussle and has no broken bones or serious injuries.

The publication reached out to Kelly’s attorney Steven Greenberg about the alleged attack. Greenberg did not comment on the incident but instead said Kelly has been a “model inmate.”

Reports of the alleged attack are the latest news from Kelly, following the New York Times‘ story that three of the singer’s associates set one of his accuser’s cars on fire to intimidate her. This wasn’t the first time Kelly’s team had reportedly used an intimidation tactic against is alleged victims. Back in October of 2019, Kelly was accused of sending threatening letters to his alleged victims and their families.