Rashida Jones Asked Robin Thicke To The Prom Then Thought Better Of It

Back in the 1980s, when Robin Thicke was best known as Alan’s weird son, and not an actual creep, he and Rashida Jones were good friends. So much so that the Parks and Rec star asked Thicke to go to junior prom with her. That is LITERALLY the worst decision she could have made, but thankfully, as Jones revealed during Ezra Koenig’s “Time Crisis” show, fate intervened. It had previously been decided that Jones would attend prom with New Jack Swing singer Al B. Sure.

Who couldn’t make it.

So, Jones went to prom alone, and Thicke became a gross creep who distrusts women; he’s the jogging of people. Moral of the story: no one’s happy, especially Paula.

(Via Pitchfork)