Rebecca Black Released A Sequel To ‘Friday’ Called…‘Saturday’

After finally getting around to watching Friday and its two sequels, Next Friday and Friday After Next Day After Tomorrow, Rebecca Black was inspired to call up the old gang, including Underage Driver and Brace Face, to say, “You guys, it’s time for…what comes after Friday?” And that’s how we ended up with “Saturday.”

Unlike “Friday,” though, “Saturday” isn’t kitschy or fun dumb; it’s takes-itself-too-seriously dumb (actual lyric: “Today is Saturday/We’re going to live like there’s no tomorrow”). At least until the white dude in sunglasses named, I sh*t you not, Dave DAYS begins sing-rapping, at which point the song becomes BRING BACK BRACE FACE.

Also, where’s Patrice Wilson? Is Rebecca too old for him now? At least we still have Alison Gold.