Watch Rhymefest Talk About Kanye West Nearly Beating Him Down And Making ‘Jesus Walks’

Rhymefest‘s fingerprints as a songwriter are on some of the most heralded hip-hop songs of this generation, like the Oscar-award winning song “Glory” from Selma and the Grammy-award winning Kanye West track “Jesus Walks.” But his everyday life as Che Smith has been an incredible journey over the past decade from rapper to activist to nearly elected politician. That’s why the documentary In My Father’s House, about his own life, as well as reconnecting with his estranged homeless father, feels rich with so much to discover.

In the preview posted on Rolling Stone this week, we see Rhymefest talking about his first initial interactions with Kanye. At first, he thought he was arrogant and kinda let it slip around town that he felt that way. So much so that ‘Ye heard it and had a crew ready to go beat him up. But the two ultimately hung out and figured out they got along pretty well. Who knew Yeezy rolled with goons like that?

Also in the clip, they have some exclusive old footage of the recording of “Jesus Walks,” with a young ‘Ye and Che and some interactions with his dad. Info on screenings of In My Father’s House can be found on the film’s official site.

(Via Rolling Stone)