Rick Ross Crashed His Rolls-Royce Into A Building While Escaping Deadly Gunfire Last Night

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01.28.13 5 Comments

With all due respect to Chris Brown and Frank Ocean, their feud is mere child’s play to the one that Rick Ross is in the middle of. Back in December, we told you about Ross canceling tour dates after receiving death threats from a gang, the Gangstar Disciples, that’s pissed at him because “Ross mentions the name of the founder of the street gang and uses the Star of David,” as magnificently seen above, “to promote himself.”

Well, around 5 a.m. this morning, according to NBC Miami, Ross crashed his Rolls-Royce into a building in Fort Lauderdale, FL, because he was trying to escape a hail of gunfire, possibly from the Disciples, whose Florida branch recently released this terrifying video.

According to witnesses and reports, rapper Rick Ross was the target of a drive by shooting in Fort Lauderdale, FL this morning.

NBC6 News reports that around 5:00 a.m, over 20 shots were fired at a Rolls Royce from another vehicle. When the Rolls Royce tried to get away, the car crashed into a building on 311 SE 15th Avenue, just off Las Olas Blvd.

According to the police, neither of the people inside of the Rolls Royce were injured. (Via)

Stay tuned for more details, and for one more HUGE musician scandal today to complete the stories-happen-in-trios arc. My money’s on Glenn Danzig pulling out one of Adam Duritz’s white-man dreads.

(Via NBC Miami)

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