Rick Ross Clowning Crypto ‘Gurus’ In An Old Video Has Aged Really Well, Especially After The FTX Fiasco

The Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market has been taking a massive plunge as of late. Crypto exchange platform FTX — which had endorsement deals with Larry David, Steph Curry, Larry David, and the Miami Heat — filed for bankruptcy this month, making it the largest crypto-related bankruptcy in history. And its founder has allegedly been doing some sketchy things in the wake of it, too.

Naturally, Rick Ross predicted this. Well… sort of.

A viral video of Ross from last May has been making the rounds again, namely because Rozay’s call-outs in it are aging pretty well. “The metaverse, crypto… Y’all getting so much money, where you at? Show us,” Ross says in the clip as he walks around his mansion in a Martha’s Vineyard crew neck and thick gold chains. “And I don’t mean, ‘Oh I’m tryna get money,’ nah. I got a lot of money. I don’t even need that fake money. But show us. Show my homies what the metaverse about.”

To be fair, Ross wanted answers from the crypto community as to why their money-making plans were so sensational and merited his attention. At one point, he emphatically says, “Educate us!” That’s been a sticking point within crypto and NFT communities; it’s hard to wrap your head around the new technology and its accessibility.

Ross went on: “One of y’all big boy crypto dudes, guru crypto picture takers. Step up and say, ‘This what we gon do Rozay!’ Where ya at? Huh? Yeah, everybody giggling… all that fake rich money, where’s it at? Educate us! I know some rich homies who getting money. Bitcoin Rodney. that boy gettin’ real money, but come on man, bring it to the Renzel-verse, man.”

Well whoever is gonna hip Rick Ross on the merits of crypto, it’s not going to be FTX.