Rico Nasty Teams Up With A Beloved Children’s TV Mascot To Encourage Fans To Vote

With all the ominous happenings of 2020, one of the few bright spots was the re-emergence of children’s television mascot Hip-Hop Harry thanks to Tik Tok, which repurposed a segment from a September 2006 episode as the background music for videos featuring people dancing over the clip.

One of them was burgeoning rap superstar Rico Nasty, who was contacted by the show’s creators for an Instagram Live interview back in August.

However, anyone who missed out on the stream was likely completely flabbergasted on Tuesday, when Rico appeared alongside the bright yellow bear for a PSA about voting posted by Rico’s label Atlantic Records on Twitter. Promoting the voter registration organization HeadCount, the video is filmed exactly like an old-school PSA or an episode of Hip-Hop Harry, with the two staging a Q&A conversation about the importance of voting and how to get registered to vote by visiting the HeadCount website. Rico looks like she’s having the time of her life camp-acting alongside Harry, remixing the meme-worthy “Go! Go! Go!” chant to say “Vote! Vote! Vote!”

If there’s anyone capable of tapping into the demographic that grew up on Hip-Hop Harry, it’s Rico, who has her finger on the pulse of her generation’s unique blend of influences and tastes. She recently showed as much in her surreal videos for “Own It” and “iPhone” as she gears up for the release of her major label debut, Nightmare Vacation.

Watch Harry and Rico’s voting PSA above.

Rico Nasty is a Warner Music artist. .