Watch The Adorable Throwback Video Rihanna’s Best Friend Made For Her 30th Birthday

Rihanna is celebrating her 30th year today (after parading around in a bright statement tee reading “I hHte Rihanna, Don’t Trust Anyone Under 30” yesterday). And just like we’d hope any of our best friends would do the most to gas us up on our birthdays, Rihanna’s longtime BFF and photographer Melissa Forde posted an adorable slideshow of the two together throughout the years on Instagram, endearingly playing over 2 Chainz’s “Birthday Song.”

Melissa and Rihanna, who have been loyal childhood friends since they were growing up in Barbados, have stuck together through the thick and thin, as documented warmly in Melissa’s video. It’s a stroll down memory lane, which includes snapshots of the two traipsing around in bikinis, posing flirtatiously on boats and beaches, and sporting a multitude of iconic hairstyles and outfits. It’s the kind of friendship that lasts through anything, even global super stardom.

29 was without a doubt a full year for RiRi, as she was busy releasing her line of beauty supplies Fenty Beauty, serving numerous looks, receiving flattery from Barack Obama for her philanthropy, and continuing to revolutionize pop music.

And 30 doesn’t see Rihanna slowing down anytime soon. Watch the birthday tribute Melissa made for her above.

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