Rihanna And Miguel Shared The Temptations’ Classic ‘My Girl’ And The World’s A Better Place For It

01.31.16 2 years ago

As the ancient scroll of upcoming colossal releases foretold, Rihanna‘s ANTI has finally made the leap from highly anticipated future album to ALL THINGS PLATINUM. How do you celebrate such an achievement? You return to Illuminati headquarters i A trip to Miguel’s “Wildheart Hotel” sounds like a nice way to mark the occasion.

Rihanna trekked out to Miguel’s lodging curio which boasted different attractions in different rooms. According to NME, guests at the R&B marvel’s “hotel” had access to everything from jam sessions to sex therapy. (No word yet on if sex sessions and jam therapy were also on the table.) If you happened to be a guest of the Wildheart Hotel at the right time in the right room on Friday night, you would have stumbled upon Rihanna and Miguel sharing the Temptations’ essential cut “My Girl.” Luckily, there’s video footage of the whole scene for those of use who were home watching a 20/20 rerun in a cloud of Cheeto dust as this moment was going down.

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