R.LUM.R Debuts His Music Video For ‘Frustrated’

“Frustrated,” the catchy R.LUM.R. track that’s been killing it on Spotify (it has more than 10 million streams), now has a music video, and you can watch its exclusive release above.

The video, directed by Nashville artist Dylan Reyes and produced in collaboration with Honda and Uproxx as part of the Uncharted series, shows a reflective R.LUM.R. reliving a past breakup, this time seeing it from the perspective of his former lover.

In our last conversation with R.LUM.R., he told us that his song lent itself well to this medium.

“I think ‘Frustrated’ seems very visual to me,” he said during the making of the video,” like a lyric ‘screaming underwater,’ that’s a picture to me.”

He’s not wrong. The song is littered with lines that evoke very vivid images. Lyrics like “In and out as quick as you can fade away” and “You give me your kaleidoscope in monochrome” gave Reyes a lot to work with. In fact, the visual representation of those two lines are present throughout the video. The fading away is presented is presented as boiling water, quite literally evaporating before our own eyes. Not only that, but the video oscillates between kaleidoscopically lit scenes that feature neon pinks and greens, to monochromatic shots that hint at some kind of loss.

The end result is an evocative music video that does a fantastic job at channeling the song’s emotive spirit.

You can download R.LUM.R’s single ‘Frustrated’ HERE.

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