Rob Stone Speaks Out On The XXXTentacion Brawl, And Blames Him For The Beef

Most of the hip-hop world thinks it was San Diego rapper Rob Stone behind XXXTentacion getting laid out onstage the other night — but he’s not owning up to it. On an interview with LA radio station Real 92.3, today, Stone spoke on the background of their conflict and claims he was somewhere watching the NBA Finals with the rest of us when XXXTentacion got snuffed.

Despite XXX claiming that he was set up by the rapper in Stone’s hometown, and that someone in Stone’s camp was stabbed behind the incident, he denied knowing the person who dealt the one hitter quitter or anyone else involved.

“It’s a city thing,” Stone said while shrugging off knowledge of the altercation. He alleges that people were walking up to him on June 7th telling him that XXX wouldn’t be able to have his performance that night because of a “no fly zone” against XXX. Who knew that the upcoming MC was big enough to have random people risking jail-time and an ass-whooping on his behalf. Despite Stone’s claims of innocence, XXX’s next show in Santa Ana was cancelled after the promoter feared violence between the two camps.

What’s genesis of their conflict? Turns out it started out over something pretty dumb. Stone says that XXX’s friend, rapper Ski Mask The Slump God and him started out their 2016 tour as “Henny boys,” but fell out after Stone admonished Ski for coming onto his set too early one night. Ski then showed up late to a tour stop in San Diego –- purportedly to slight Stone and make him the opener in his own city. It was on from there.

The combustible XXX jumped in the conflict on behalf of his friend, and Stone says that even after he tried to squash it twice via DM the “Look At Me” rapper kept it going… which led to Ski Mask getting jumped, then Wednesday night’s events. Hopefully this can all be squashed before any more grainy concert fight footage pops up. No one pays for a music show to see fights or dodge blades.