Robert Plant Describes His Interactions With Led Zeppelin Bandmates As ‘A Cup Of Coffee From Time To Time’

While it would seem that a reunion of the living members of Led Zeppelin might never happen again, that doesn’t mean they still can’t be friends. In a new interview with Rolling Stone to promote his upcoming solo album Carry Fire, singer Robert Plant was asked about his relationship between Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones these days, especially after spending a good deal of time with them recently during a libel lawsuit in L.A. over the rights to their mega-hit “Stairway To Heaven.”

“What was once a steady date becomes a cup of coffee,” he said. “That’s basically how it turned out, a cup of coffee from time to time. But nothing intimate.”

Looking back on the last time they performed together at the O2 Arena in London in 2007 however, Plant remained proud of what they managed to achieve. “We hit a home run that night,” he boasted. “There was probably more riding on that than we would care to believe. Our performance was crucial, but we could reproduce sound in a much more reliable way, so we could be kickass, and sound kickass.”

And of course, as has become de rigueur to ask any rocker who was prominent in the ’60s, ’70s, or ’80s, Plant was prodded to give his thoughts on the state of the genre. Unlike his contemporaries like Eric Clapton, the “Golden God” struck a hopeful note. “I haven’t any idea of where rock begins and ends,” he said. “Did it begin with Link Wray? Did it begin with Jackie Brenston’s ‘Rocket 88?’ Did it end with Black Flag? I think it’s still here, it’s just morphing. And long may it morph.”

You can check out his entire interview over at Rolling Stone.