The Girl Who Ran A Tumblr Devoted To Robin Pecknold’s Sweater Is Now The Proud Owner Of Said Sweater

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UPDATE: The editor-in-chief of the Tumblr has shared a photo of herself wearing the sweater. So things have come full circle — just like a Fleet Foxes song. Life is beautiful.

Earlier this year, Robin Pecknold returned to Instagram and has recently begun sharing photos that we can only hope signify a new Fleet Foxes record is on the way. After all, it’s been five goddamn years since Helplessness Blues, an album that I still maintain to this day is one of the best on Earth — the title track alone (!!).

But I digress, because the point of this post is not to tell the story of my extreme adoration for that album, but one of a very recognizable worn out beloved sweater and its new home.

Today, Pecknold posted a photo of himself with the sweater he often wore in performances, press photos, and more casually draped over his shoulders. The text read “Farewell old friend.” For what purpose could Pecknold be giving up the sweater that he seriously almost never took off and was constantly wearing? None other than the owner of a tumblr devoted to the sweater called f*ckyeahrobinpecknoldssweater.

He responded to a commenter asking where the sweater was going in an Instagram comment:
And as the Tumblr itself pointed, he replied further when the collective Fleet Foxes fanbase began to lose their minds over what an adorable and sweet gesture this is:
Further internet sleuthing reveals that in a Reddit AMA back in May, Pecknold mentioned trying to give the sweater to the site’s owner:
And now he has! The only thing that would make me happier than all of this is a new single. *keeps fingers crossed and starts humming “Lorelai”*

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