The Rolling Stones Released A Never-Before-Heard Version Of A Classic, Featuring Eric Clapton

You have to imagine that a lot of crazy things happened at a birthday party for Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards back in 1970… drug-fueled hijinks, wild shenanigans, senseless acts of remorseless depravity, monkey business with actual monkeys. While that’s all speculation, one thing definitely happened: The Stones played some music at the party, and were joined at one point by Eric Clapton on guitar.

Leading up to the reissue of their classic 1971 album Sticky Fingers, The Stones dropped a little nugget from the Richards’ birthday jam session, a version of “Brown Sugar,” with Clapton playing slide guitar on the tune. This version isn’t all that different from the original, a little more loose and wild, and the slide guitar does sound pretty cool. It’s hard to make a great song sound greater, and while this version doesn’t top the original, you could definitely say it works well as a companion piece.

The reissue of Sticky Fingers comes out on June 8. There will be a remastered version of the album, as well as a deluxe and super-deluxe version.

(Via VH1)