Rostam’s Gorgeous ‘Gwan’ Video Pleads His Case To Be Respected As A Solo Artist

Rostam has spent a decent chunk of his career making great music for other people. As the not-so-secret weapon behind Vampire Weekend’s sound, the force behind the synthier aspects of one of last year’s best rock albums and a producer for some of our favorite pop acts, he’s made a name for himself even if it isn’t quite a household one. But that might be about to change, if tracks like “Gwan” have anything to do with it.

The lovingly composed track is a nearly five-minute showcase of everything that made Rostam a go-to name for indie bands and popstars alike. Over a bed of quiet and restrained strings, Rostam croons as he walks through New York City. You couldn’t ask for a better primer to the up-and-coming solo act than this Greg Brunkalla-directed clip. Give it a watch up top.

While Rostam’s debut album is still unnamed — and no release date has been set — Stereogum reports that we’ll finally hear the hidden maestro set out on his own later this year. Hopefully, that album will contain the equally great track “Gravity Don’t Pull Me,” which he shared last year shortly after his departure from Vampire Weekend. Check out that video below:

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