Run The Jewels Dropped A Taste Of A New Track On Facebook And The Song Title Is Ridiculous

(NSFW audio)

Though Killer Mike and El-P tend to use their inimitable chemistry to create soul-crushing fight music, that doesn’t mean they don’t like to drop ridiculous punchlines. In terms of ludicrous titles, we thought it would be hard to top RTJ2‘s “Close Your Eyes (and Count to F*ck),” but now they’ve dropped a snippet of a new track that absolutely has to be titled “I Got a Unicorn Horn for a Cock”.

Of course, the face-melting sonics are still there. El-P’s production style is nothing if not consistent. But over the top of that wall of sound, El takes a moment to talk about “Dick in a Box” and, of course, compare his junk to the horn of Scotland’s national animal.

Even though we haven’t heard the full song, that line has to stand among other RTJ greats like “Flame your crew quicker than Trump f*cks his younguns” and “Sent your mom a little cash and a sympathy letter / told her she raised a bunch of f*ckboys, next time do better.”

Every snippet of RTJ3 we hear only makes the project sound better, and while it’s unlikely that Talib Kweli was thinking of dick jokes when he named Run the Jewels as a group on their way to legendary status, they certainly don’t hurt.