Run The Jewels Tell Crowdsurfing Stories So Bad They’re Good

Run The Jewels stopped by the Viceland show Desus & Mero, and gave yet another delightful run-through of their separate origin stories.

“One day [Big Boi] heard me freestyle in Cee-Lo’s basement… and he just got this look,” Killer Mike recalled of how he ended up working with OutKast. “He said ‘I’m gonna sign you and I was like ‘I sell crack.'”

And the duo tag-teamed the well-trod story of how they were introduced by Adult Swim music maestro Jason DeMarco. But once those stories were out of the way, the segment quickly morphed into a chance to bag on bad attempts at crowdsurfing. Killer Mike’s tale of a fat fan trying to ride the crowd is especially worth hearing.

“It was mid [El-P’s] verse,” he said. “He had been trying the whole song. They got his little chubby ass up. The security stepped up…but two rows from the front row they just said ‘f*ck it’ and dropped his chubby ass.”

That led El-P to talk about the time that his fiance fell on her face trying to crowdsurf at Terminal 5 in New York.

“It was terrible because I love her and wanted to console her, but it was so f*cking funny,” he told the hosts.

As for what’s next after RTJ3, the rappers aren’t ruling out continuing their work with Bernie Sanders on wax.

“If Trump can be my president, then Bernie Sanders can freestyle on Ebro,” El-P said.

Check out the whole interview up top.