Run The Jewels Debuted ‘Panther Like A Panther’ In The ‘Gears Of War 4’ Horde Mode Trailer

Slicing up demonic baddies up with your chainsaw-equipped gun is already pretty badass; that’s something worth conceding. But what could cover-based shooter Gears Of War 4 do to up the ante even more in anticipation of their impending release later this year? Well, add the duo with the toughest rhymes in hip-hop by way of Run The Jewels, of course. No strangers to co-op based ass-kicking, Killer Mike and El-P have exclusively released a new song in the game’s trailer displaying its Horde Mode 3.0, and perhaps there’s no better feature to show off the new track titled “Panther Like A Panther.”

Swarms of seemingly never-ending enemies continue to come as you and your fellow soldiers hunker down and fight off as many waves as possible. While you try to kill an undead rhino-looking beast that spits out jellyfish — don’t quote me on that — RTJ’s booming beats score your skirmish all the way. And it doesn’t just end with the trailer — Run The Jewels are fully committed to this battle. The duo released merch with their iconic gun-and-fist pose with the game’s similarly memorable Lancer Assault Rifle (aka the chain saw gun.)

T-shirts and hoodies with the limited-edition logo are available at