Run The Jewels Stop-Motion ‘Walking In The Snow’ Video Is A Dystopian Toy Story

Run The Jewels’ video for “Walking In The Snow” is a dystopian toy story, utilizing stop-motion techniques to animate the tale of an uprising against a cruel, cold tyrant. El-P and Killer Mike appear as action figure versions of themselves, recruited into a teddy bear resistance against an ice king who turns his subjects into chilly, monstrous versions of themselves and conducts a reign of terror over the bedroom. The few remaining free toys stage a last-ditch bid to stop him and bring warmth bad to the toy box.

The dynamic duo has had an outstanding 2020 thanks in large part to the release of their latest album RTJ4 this summer and the string of singles that buoyed it to becoming one of their most successful projects yet. The album landed on many “Best Of 2020” lists, including Uproxx’s own, while songs from the project graced a number of “Best Songs Of 2020” lists as well. In addition, the duo performed RTJ4 in full on Adult Swim, contributed to the soundtrack of the long-awaited Cyberpunk 2077, and put out some truly innovative music videos for “Ooh La La,” “Out Of Sight,” and “Yankee And The Brave” from the powerful album.

Watch the “Walking In The Snow” video above.