Ryan Adams Is The Latest Artist To Pay Tribute To Dave Grohl

There are a lot of beefs between musicians, athletes, and politicians dominating the Twitterverse today, but you can cross two names off the list potential beefers: Ryan Adams and Dave Grohl. Instead, you can add Ryan Adams to the endlessly growing list of Dave Grohl fans, of which there are many, including the bulk of the music writers here at Uproxx.*

The singer/songwriter is currently down in Australia, embarking on his first tour of the country since 2012. Performing a solo acoustic show at the Sydney Opera House, Adams closed out his set with a heartfelt tribute to Grohl, or “that bastard,” as he called him. Before delivering a killer rendition of the Foo Fighters song “Times Like These,” Adams gave Grohl props, admiring the fact that he was able to keep touring and “able to do what he loved, even though he was totally broken.”

And I would like to give Relix props for pointing out that this wasn’t the first time Adams had covered the Foo Fighters song, as he had performed it with his old backing band, The Cardinals, during a BBC Radio session.

Also, props to YouTube user TheAussieMusicMan for sharing the Sydney video.

*We will not confirm or deny that our staff mantra is “In Dave We Trust.”

(Via JamBase)