Ryan Seacrest Is Giving Ice-T And CoCo A Talk Show

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02.04.14 3 Comments

CoCo and Ice-T

“You can only do so much with reality TV.” According to Deadline, that was rapper and actor Ice-T’s explanation of why he and his wife, CoCo Austin, are saying goodbye to their reality series and hello to a brand new talk show, thanks to Ryan Seacrest Productions. Because if there’s one genre of television that keeps on coming up with fresh, new ideas, it’s the talk show. Especially daytime talk shows. They’re just boiling over with creative ideas and unique takes on interviewing people that most of us have never heard of.

But a husband-and-wife duo might be just the breath of fresh air that the current talk show format needs, and this isn’t your typical husband-and-wife duo. After all, Coco is the same woman who stopped by The Real last year and allowed the hosts of that show to grab her ass before she gave a lesson in twerking. Imagine that kind of TV but EVERY DAY!

All you have to do is imagine Ice-T sitting next to her and a guest like Khloe Kardashian, Kate Gosselin or Kourtney Kardashian, as he acts cool and silently nods, before he breaks into his special daily segment, “How a Pimp Would Handle It.” Regular audience members could ask Ice-T for advice on how to win an argument with your neighbor, and then he’d explain how a pimp would handle it, obviously, by saying something like, “You slap him like a bitch,” at which point the audience would burst into applause.

Or at the very least, CoCo would do something like this:

Coco jiggle

And Ice-T would just make this face for an hour:

Ice-T confused

I’m available as a creative consultant if they need me.

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