RZA Takes Inspiration From Bruce Lee On His New Song, ‘Be Like Water’

ESPN’s latest 30 for 30 documentary, Be Water, continues the tradition of exploring interesting sporting lives like The Last Dance (Michael Jordan) and Lance, which explored the scandal-filled life of Lance Armstrong. Be Water highlights the life and career of martial artist Bruce Lee from his time in the US in the 1960s to his eventual rise to fame after returning to Hong Kong in the 1970s. Ahead of the 30 for 30 premiere, RZA has shared a new song inspired by Bruce Lee.

Sharing “Be Like Water,” RZA reminds listeners of the phrase Lee put into effect and echoed repeatedly throughout his career. Speaking to Hypebeast, RZA shared his thoughts on the two-minute track.

Bruce Lee’s teachings extended beyond physical martial arts. He was full of philosophy and mindfulness. His quote ‘Be Water my friend’ is profound and multi-tiered in definition. It inspires the idea that in adapting to life situations, sometimes we have to flow smoothly as a stream, while other times we have to crash like a tsunami.

RZA and Wu-Tang Clan as a whole have been known to showcase their Bruce Lee influence throughout their careers. Wu-Tang Clan’s debut album Enter the Wu-tang (36 Chambers) references Lee’s 1973 film, Enter the Dragon. RZA took inspiration from Lee for his own martial arts action films, including 2012’s The Man with the Iron Fists.

Be Water premieres on ESPN Sunday at 9PM EST. You can watch the video for “Be Like Water” above.