Safaree Is Saying Meek Mill’s Crew Jumped Him But The Internet Does Not Believe Him At All

Whenever Safaree Samuels — the man best known as Nicki Minaj’s ex — makes headlines it’s usually for some sort of silliness. Either he’s speaking on Nicki, has done something strange or is making goofy faces on reality television. This latest bit of Safaree news is from the “done something strange” category as he took to Instagram late Friday night to not only claim Meek Mill’s crew jumped him but to ask Meek for a one on one fight. Yeah, he wants Meek to shoot the fade.

“I hopped out the whip, saw Meek, he hopped out and then I got snuffed,” he said in a video on Instagram. “N***as jumped me.”

There is video that is supposedly after the alleged altercation, which apparently took place at a DJ Khaled event in Los Angeles as most of the rap world has descended upon the city for the BET Awards this weekend.

For good measure, Safaree also posted a picture with famed Nicki foe Remy Ma, twisting the knife of sorts and making himself even funnier at the same time.

Obviously, Meek and Safaree have history as Meek is Nicki’s ex as well and has made some disparaging remarks about Safaree on social media. To his credit, Meek doesn’t seemed to moved by the entire situation, posting his own Instagram post saying, “I wish I would pay attention to these homeless n#%gas.”

Things officially get a little whacky as innumerable Twitter and Instagram users began pointing out that for a guy who just got jumped from all sides, Safaree looked fairly clean, unmarked, his jewelry was intact and and his white outfit was as white as ever. So, who knows, maybe he did get jumped or maybe this is just another reach for attention from Safaree, but either way Twitter is not letting him off lightly.