Saint Jhn Sums Up His Self Worth On His New Song, ‘Stadiums’

Saint Jhn and London On Da Track dropped their new collaboration, “Stadiums,” today.

The song is rumored to be included on Jhn’s 2023 album, In Case We Both Die Young, along with 2021’s “The Best Part Of Life” and a few other tracks that he has teased in recent years. However, this is still unverified information from Genius, so take it with a grain of salt.

“Trappin’, that’s what made me rich / Hustlin’, that’s what made me rich / Hey, whole club sellin’ out of here to doin’ stadiums / Small business don’t come around, they don’t survive my radius,” Jhn sings on the chorus, which kicks off “Stadiums.”

From there, Saint Jhn goes into rapping about his love for money, women, and the fact that he relies on himself to get it all — just like a famous movie mob boss. “I never had a mentor (Hey, hey, hey) / I only watch Scarface (On God) / I met her at a stripclub / She twerk better when heart break,” he adds in the second verse.

As for London On Da Track, he does production for the beat and doesn’t make an appearance with any bars.

Listen to Saint Jhn and London On Da Track’s new song “Stadiums” above.