Breakout Country Star Sam Hunt Goes Slow On His Flirty New Single ‘Body Like A Back Road’

Getty Image

Sam Hunt is the next country star to cross over into your little country-less world. Even the haters, or those who are convinced that pop-country ruined the genre (nope), or that all bro-country is terrible (not true either) have to give in to the romantic, husky sweet nothings of one Samuel Lowry Hunt. His debut album Montevallo turned heads within the genre — and more noticeably, outside of it — for its overt incorporation of R&B and hip-hop sounds into traditional country melodies and subject matter, and for that Drake cover Hunt kept segueing into from his own track “Single For The Summer” at live shows.

Hunt is kicking off 2017 with a bunch of new music and a new break-up-turns-into-engagement narrative that is too precious to waste if he’s not releasing an album, so expect to hear details about that fairly soon.

In the meantime, earlier this year he officially returned with “Drinking Too Much” — from the breakup section of the experience — and this week released his official debut single “Body Like A Back Road,” which he teased on Instagram last week. This song is definitely from the loved up part of the story, as Hunt compares a woman he loves to the pleasure of driving a curvy back road. There’s a lot of fun sex/driving metaphors that mostly have to do with going slow and enjoying the… ride. It’s sweet and pretty silly, and a far cry from most of Montevallo but I think I like it — especially the whistles. Listen below.